Gunnedah Business & Industry

Our primary industries is an expanding, vibrant industrial and manufacturing sector, all utilising Gunnedah's prime location, abundant supply of underground water and high capacity transport infrastructure. Key industry for the shire includes agriculture (cropping and livestock), manufacturing and processing services including brick works, leather works, grain milling and coal mining. Gunnedah is also supported by a thriving commercial and retail service sector.

Farms, both family and corporate – produce summer and winter crops including wheat, sorghum, barley, cotton, sunflowers, soya beans and vegetables. The fertile soils of the region support a vast livestock industry also. Cattle, sheep and pigs from Gunnedah are renowned for their high quality and are exported all over the world.

Gunnedah is the centre of the resource rich, Gunnedah Coal Basin. Exhibiting low ash and sulphur, high specific energy and very low phosphorus, Gunnedah's internationally sought-after coal is transported by rail to Newcastle for export- boosting Gunnedah's and the national economy. The Basin's coal production is expected to exceed 10 million tonnes per annum for some decades.

Gunnedah's retail and commercial sector provides a broadening supply of goods and services capable of supporting a growing population. With 3 major supermarkets and many nationally branded outlets, Gunnedah is a one-stop-shop not only for the Shire's residents but also many regional shoppers. Gunnedah is a welcoming community and a great place to run a new business venture.


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