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Journey the Diprotodon Drive and immerse yourself in the history of Tambar Springs; a small rural village with a big heart and even bigger residents of ancient times. Discover linkages to the 'Diprotodon' the largest known marsupial to have roamed the country.

Tamba Mountain is the picturesque backdrop to the village of Tambar Springs nestled in the east of the Warrumbungle Range, about 66.5km west of Gunnedah. Today it's known for its rich agricultural vistas and is bursting with rural village charm and pride. In 1979 the remains of a 'Diprotodon Optatum' the largest known marsupial was discovered on the property 'Kenloi' near Tambar Springs.

This particular speciman was dated approximately 33,500 years old and the skeleton and skull of the Diprotodon can be viewed at the Coonabarabran Information Centre.

Call in and talk to the friendly staff at the Gunnedah Visitor Information Centre and pick up a brochure for more information.
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