Gunnedah Economic Development Strategy

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The Economic Development Strategy is presented in two volumes:
Volume 1: Economic Profile
Volume 2: Strategies and Actions

The Gunnedah Economic Development Strategy provides the framework and directions for economic development within Gunnedah Shire, with the focus being on actions that can be achieved over the next 5 years. In particular the Strategy addresses:

  • The current level of economic development within the Shire and the factors that have and are continuing to influence development.
  • The pressures and opportunities for Gunnedah businesses arising from developments at both the Shire and regional level.
  • Opportunities for Gunnedah Shire to support, capitalise on and benefit from new and emerging industries.
  • Opportunities for Gunnedah Shire to diversify and strengthen its economic base in a sustainable and balanced way.
  • Opportunities for Gunnedah Shire Council to promote
  • Gunnedah Shire and attract new businesses.
  • Projects within the Shire that Gunnedah Shire Council can focus on to stimulate growth.

The Economic Development Strategy is the starting point for encouraging economic growth within Gunnedah Shire and is presented in two volumes:

Volume 1: Economic Profile provides an assessment of:

  • Gunnedah Shire ‐ its role and position in the Northern Inland Region and its competitive advantages and disadvantages.
  • Demographic and social characteristics of the Gunnedah Shire community.
  • Economic indicators.
  • Main economic sectors and activities within the Shire – agriculture, extractive industries, manufacturing, retailing, tourism, health and social services, education and training and public administration.
  • Infrastructure and services available to support economic development – transport, utilities and business support services.

The Economic Profile identifies a range of opportunities to grow and diversify the economic base of the Shire well as the challenges which need to be addressed to encourage and facilitate growth. The analysis provided in the Economic Profile provides the rationale for the directions, strategies and action provided in Volume 2.

Volume 2: Strategies and Actions articulates the objectives and directions for economic development within Gunnedah Shire and provides the strategies and actions to achieve sustainable growth. The Economic Development Strategy is linked to other Plans and Strategies that have been adopted by Gunnedah Shire Council as part of its integrated planning approach.

It will take time, resources and commitment to implement the strategies and actions incorporated in this Strategy. To be effective, the Strategy must be a living document that is constantly evolving. The recommended actions need to be implemented and the results evaluated. Periodically the Strategy will need to be revised, building on what has been achieved, so that Gunnedah Shire can continue to move forward.



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