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Jean Isherwood Gallery

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ANZAC Park, South Street
Gunnedah NSW 2380

In 1982 Jean Isherwood (a famous artist) heard on the radio that a statue was to be erected as a memorial to Dorothea Mackellar at Gunnedah, on Australia Day, 26 January 1983.

Isherwood had long had it in mind to create a series of works illustrating the writer's most famous poem. Prompted by the imminent celebration, Isherwood created a series of thirty four watercolour paintings for exhibition in Gunnedah in conjunction with the unveiling of the statue.

These water colour paintings will soon be housed at the Dorothea Mackellar Society building in Anzac Park, to be on display permanatly to the public. You can view the digital versions of these, on the official Dorothea Mackellar Website.