Gunnedah Shire is the traditional land of the Gunn-e-darr people of the Kamilaroi tribe. The traditional language is known as Gomeroi (or commonly Gamilaraay). The name Gunnedah originates from the Gunn-e-darr people and is thought to mean the “Place of White Stones”.

Cumbo Gunnerah (also known as the Red Kangaroo or Red Chief) was a clever chief and might warrior. Legend has it that Cumbo Gunnerah defeated a large opposing Aboriginal tribe with only a handful of warriors by leading them into the Wallaby Trap, a natural trap created by the land form and vegetation, and used by the Kamilaroi tribe to hunt wallabies. The Wallaby Trap is at the base of Porcupine Lookout.

Some of the culturally significant sites within Gunnedah Shire are:


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